In addition to supplying footwear manufacturers with quality components for over 45 years Lyn-Flex West supplies shoe repair shops, distributors, pharmacies, orthotic supply houses, pedorthists, chiropractors and chiropractic supply companies with an array of comfort footwear accessories and appliances. Below is a sampling of our more popular items. 

Or we can manufacture items of your design.


Adjust-a-Lift-three 1/8" layers of sponge rubber. Adjusts from 1/8", 1/4" and 3/8". Layers can be removed and re-applied many times. Cover is made of bonded pig grain leather. Use to help correct short leg deficiencies while still cushioning the heel. Heel Wedge Lift- Firm EVA crepe covered with pig grain bonded leather. Available in 4 thicknesses and 5 widths. Designed for the treatment of anatomical and physiological short leg deficiencies.

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Even Heel Cushions- Help weak, rotating ankles. Helps reduce uneven wear of shoes and rundown heels. Firm crepe wedge with heavy bonded leather heel pad.

Leather Arch Builder
Supports arches, helps improve posture and balance. Comes with 4 cork arch pads and 2 sponge metatarsal pads per pair. Overlapping arch pockets allow the wearer to adjust support to desired height. Ideal for heavier individuals and people who are constantly on their feet.
Easy Fitting Instructions Included

Adjust-a-Lift Firm Wedge Lifts Even Heel Lift Leather Arch Builder
Dual Comfort Heel Pad-Two layers of PORON Performance Urethane. Soft Slow Rebound and Firm Performance PORON give a layer of soft cushioning comfort with a underlayer of firm support. Standard Comfort Heel Pad- 1/4" of PORON comfort. Comfort, support and shock absorption-all in one small package. Small Heel Spur Cushion-Helps relieve the pain of heel spurs. Uses a dual layer of PORON, center plug can be removed or reversed for three possible comfort levels. Large Heel Spur Cushion-Uses the same technology as the small heel spur pad. Longer length allows for padded comfort into the arch area.
Dual Density PORON Heel Pad Single Density PORON Heel Pad Small Heel Spur Pad Large Heel Spur Pad
Halter Pad- 1/8" of firm latex foam covered with a camel suedene. Placed under the ball of the foot they can prevent the foot from sliding forward in higher heel shoes and giving the wearer more toe freedom. Full Cork Insole-1/8" & 3/16" thicknesses. Available in whole sizes for men and women. Ideal for use by individuals looking for firm comfort and moisture management. Full PORON® Insole- Available in 3/32" & 1/8" thicknesses. Perforated for better air flow. These insoles will give a full layer of comfort that will never bottom out. Available in a full range of men's and women's sizes (whole sizes only). Full Insoles-Pick from a variety of materials in an array of colors. Available in a full range of men's and women's sizes (whole sizes only).
Halter Pad Cork Insole Full PORON Perforated Insole Various Full Insoles