Lyn-Flex West, Inc. 

Lyn-Flex West, located in the mid-MissouriCity of Owensville, has supplied the footwear industry with qualitycomponents since 1958. The footwear industry and Owensville have had a long associationthat continues even today. Our employees and staff have many years ofexperience in all phases of footwear and footwear component manufacturing. Allof our products are manufactured to the exact specifications of each individualcustomer in our modern 100,000 square foot facility.

Whether you are a large multi-unitmanufacturer or a small custom shop Lyn-Flex West can supply you with thequality components you require. We offer a complete cutting, skiving andassembly facility able to meet any and all of your component production needs.

We produce net cut, shanked, and molded insoles ready for lasting; insole stripsand laminated insole packages that can be cut in your own facility.

In addition, we produce a variety of heel tucks, toe tucks, arch pads, heel pads, outsole blockers and virtually any type of component that you may require for your production.

                            We are pleased to announce our acquisition of the 
                                                TEXON USA
                             Cut & Skived Box Toe and Counter Division
We are now able to offer a complete line of cut and skived box toes and counters 
                                          made from both heat and solvent activated materials.

                                                   We also offerthe following services
Cutting, skiving, perforating, sheet laminating, roll toroll laminating, PSA coating, sheet buffing, assembly of cut parts and raw materials insmaller quantities than are normally available from the manufacturer. 

Theseservices are available on materials supplied by Lyn-Flex West or material suppliedby the customer.

Our staff will be pleased toconsult with you in developing products to fit your particular manufacturingneeds.

Please contact us for samplesand price quotes.